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What People Are Saying: Testimonials

Our CDCG partner got excited about solutions and shared that excitement with others. He was eager to show others how things work and how things could be better. He spent time with people, listened to them and shared his knowledge which led to a better engagement and outcome.

Jill Hartmann, VP Distribution Marketing & Communication

Under [CDCG's] very capable leadership, we provided high value business and technology solutions that made the company easier to do business with while driving down costs and enabling sales growth for the various sales distributions the company supported.

Mike Vogel, Sr. Director

Our consultant gracefully coordinated the IT priorities to meet the business's needs. He mastered the art of translating customer experience needs into technical specifications. [T]here was never an "us versus them" mentality. We felt like one team.

Brian Hadnot, Sr. Network Engineer

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